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What you’ll discover this in the world’s most valuable workshop

🤩 Get excited when you learn how to gain massive flow of clients online but without exhausting yourself

🤩 Even though the Traditional Business Models are under-pressure after 2020 — do you know the lean model of coaching that gives you peace of mind?

🤩 Do you know the absolute best areas of the health & wellness industry that are ready to witness massive growth in the next 5 years?

🤩Destroy the three demons that are attacking your personal brand even as you read this… and blocking you from becoming a recognized expert in the industry…

🤩How to create programs people love to buy? And how to find clients who will buy them…

Does any of these demons block you from following your dreams?

“you’re working too hard but…”

You aren’t getting any appreciation or the reward that you had imagined… you barely have any time left for self-care…

“you’re senselessly underpaid as”

People happily pay for junk food and chemicals… but your super low charges feel like daylight robbery

“Many people ignore your advice…”

As everybody & their dog is an expert these days – but fake trends go viral easily

“Everything is free online”

Anyone can workout, create meal plans, do meditation online so you wonder why would anyone buy your coaching…

“You’re scared of building your brand”

You think building websites and sales funnels are too technical which blocks you from exponential growth

“you’re left behind peers & friends”

Everyone else is making solid progress but you feel you’re not making as much impact as you can

Who this is for:


✅Fitness/yoga trainers

✅Affiliate marketers


✅Gym owners

✅Mindset/ healers

✅Supplement owners

✅ Homemakers/ Professionals

Here’s what you save:


✅ Equipment



👉 Let’s face the facts…

👉 No school or college prepared you on how to grow your online business…

👉 People try stupid tips and products from Youtube or Amazon, and then believe nothing works for them…🤷‍♀️

👉 AI (artificial intelligence) is creating a new revolution… you can either join or get left behind

You’ve the world’s most valuable gift that people would love to have…

As you read these words off your screen, reflect on these questions…

🔘 Do you want to help people gain better health? [yes/no]

🔘 Do you want to help more & more people gain GREAT health? [yes/no]

🔘 Your clients are potentially risking their lives if they don’t change? [yes/no]

Chances are excellent you answered ‘yes’ to these questions. Because what you’re really saying is you want a business where clients improve their health & wellness.

Overcome what’s stopping you from living your dreams…

Health & wellness industry is poised for massive growth… put yourself in a position of power by committing to learning these little-known secrets today and register now

Join the 90-minute webinar, listen to every single word, take down copious notes, and see how to become 1CR entrepreneur. It has taken me (and my mentors) several decades to arrive at these core lessons.

It’s yours for free because I’m doing an experiment…

Many coaches and start-ups want to work with me… and hosting this class means I’m financially at a loss but so be it… I’ll show you the hidden concepts that will trigger your business for success

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The 6-step to Freedom & Affluence: Digital Health Empire

Step 1: Niche Clarity

Learn to choose a niche based on your unique strengths, get into your “Zone of Genius”, and succeed with confidence.

Step 2: Create Winning Products

Is it wrong to monetize your knowledge and change someone’s life? Learn the framework to create effective products in a weekend and become a leader in your field.

Step 3: Help Clients Find You

Your clients are looking for you online, and you need a branded website to help them find you. If you can type, learn how to create your websites & funnels without any coding.

Step 4: Words Into Sales

EVERY SUCCESSFUL ONLINE BUSINESS uses captivating messages that attract clients at a lower cost. Learn how to turn words into sales.

Step 5: Freedom eGurukul

Liberate yourself from exchanging time for money (1-on-1s) by creating an eGurukul. Build a premium community where everyone gets results without you.

Step 6: Profits without Burnout

Your business flourishes when you’re having fun, taking vacations, and feeling great. Learn to create consistent profits without burnout.

What you need for this:

✅ Passion for health

✅ 90 mins

✅ A laptop

✅ Internet

✅ Egoless head

✅ Open mind

Meet your mentor

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Hi, I’m the founder of Lifestyle Profits Hub. I share secrets of business (& life) you won’t find anywhere else.

My mission is to help 100k health & wellness leaders craft 1CR businesses to Make India healthy & wealthy again. The right way is to work less, and get more done. The future is in building communities.

I’ve worked with over 50 international coaches and leaders and currently helping hard-working and passionate entrepreneurs build and grow their online coaching business… join now

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Why you shouldn’t miss this incredible workshop

You don’t waste time surfing random websites, right? And yet you’re deep on this page, reading these words… it means there’s something here that you were meant to see…

More importantly, you were meant to see how you can profit from this new health wave in India and create a business while it’s still booming? Use these subtle techniques to sell digital products from home and live with freedom – in any economy.

Before life takes over and you go back to the same old routine – register while it’s still free and put this on schedule… register now and let’s meet LIVE…



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Still unsure?

Is this really free? What’s the catch?

There’s no catch. This is absolutely free. Of course, I provide this in the hopes that you’ll realize its merit and would want my help to implement the business strategies and change your life.

As a knowledge-giver, a mentor, and a coach yourself, I don’t have to tell you about the merits of coaching. You know that having accountability – having someone to check in on you can support you in many ways.

How long will this session be and what all will be covered?

Join me LIVE for a 90-minute class, and get a pen and paper – if you’re serious about building a business. I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned helping other coaches succeed (as a copywriter).

Nobody shares these things.

Can I get a recording?

Unfortunately, no. But fortunately, if you join me LIVE then I’ll tell you how you can create abundance and prosperity in your life with multiple sources of income.

So if this is on your bucket list – I highly recommend to make time for this and put this on your schedule.

I’m busy during the mentioned webinar slot.

Just register for free now – if it’s still available – and join the next session ASAP. Before life takes over and you go back to the same old life — take control.

What is the language of workshop?

Hindi language.

When will I get the bonuses for attending the workshop?

Yes you’ll get bonuses worth 3K INR before we wind up the workshop.

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