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👉Are you sick & tired of struggling to grow your business

👉 When people say, "Online sab free hai" - you get frustrated and wonder how will you make 6-figures & achieve your financial dreams??

👉 People run away when they hear your charges... feel your services should be FREE... while you watch them spending lacs on chemicals, agonizing and suffering...

👉 You're sick of trying 100s of different marketing tactics and now you want something that works for you in the long run...

👉 You struggle with low-quality leads and "energy-suckers"... and you're growing negative about achieving success...

👉 With Apps attacking consumers and providing everything for ₹999, you're forced to reduce your charges & you get nightmares about the future of this industry

👉 You've nothing to show for all the hard work you're doing... and you don't know how to make your family proud about what you're doing...

Do you know top health coaches like Kris Gethin charge 20 lacs p/m in India? Yes?
Imagine if you could find clients like them?... would you be open to it?

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Who this is NOT for

  • Those who want to use these techniques to make quick bucks without adding long-term value
  • Those who are always on the learning mode but never implement & transform their financial situation

What you'll discover in probably the world's most valuable workshop for experts like you

🤩 Let others upload "before-after" pictures or recipes videos and continue to struggle for leads... YOU use my proven "Story Brand Formula" - and become memorable to your clients so they come back & buy from ONLY you (would you like this to happen with you?)

🤩 What's the REAL worth of your knowledge? It's far more than you probably believe right now... Discover your actual value and learn to create Multiple Streams of Income (MSI) to boost cash flow

🤩How to survive the Dangerous Trends in the Health & Wellness Industry and fight back the App attack on your business.

🤩 You probably ignored this message and already missed a growing global elearning revolution?... don't miss this soon-to-be $1 Trillion eLearning bonanza before it's too late and build a lifestyle business from home

🤩 Watch real-life examples of average people earning 6-or-7 figures in their businesses (some even while staying in their jobs)

🤩 Gone are the days when being a health coach meant a flood of clients knocking on your doors — learn the $3 trillion "itunes strategy" to make loyal clients come to you

🤩 Create a business using Digital Health Empire that allows you fun time for family & vacations so you never burnout & serve clients with full energy (what if you implemented this 3 years ago?)

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This workshop ends frustration & anxiety

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Who this is for:


✅Fitness/yoga trainers

✅IT professionals


✅Gym owners


✅Supplement owners

✅ Homemakers/ Professionals

Why the timing is right

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👉 Let's face the facts...

👉 No school or college prepared you on how to grow your online business...

👉 Internet is full of misleading info and it's overwhleming

👉 AI is creating a new revolution... you can either join or get left behind

Life without this time-saving workshop

Without this workshop

❌ Chase low-paying leads
❌ Try to convince everyone
❌ Wish things were better
❌ Learn with trial-and-error
❌ Waste time; feel frustrated

With this workshop

✅ Have a proven plan of action
✅ Attract quality audience
✅ Things under control
✅ Take action for next-level success
✅ Join now - start succeeding

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  • Without a great offer - people miss your best services that can really transform them
  • Makes your offers irresistible so you charge what you really deserve
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Bonus 2.

Get Your First High-ticket Client (worth 5k)

  • Use the exact word-for-word script to collect high-quality leads who are serious about working with you
  • Get them to take action on your offer like an expert without sounding like a salesperson
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Bonus 3.

One-Click Branded Website (worth 7k)

  • Enhance your AUTHORITY - enhance your prices.
  • Build your own website AT THE CLICK OF A BUTTON. No coding, no hiring, no extra cost.
  • Collect leads, turn browsers into buyers, or connect with fans
  • AND so much more...

World's most valuable workshop for health & wellness entrepreneurs

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Do you realize yet that you've the most valuable gift people need help with...

As you read these words off your screen, reflect on these questions...

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🔘 Do you want to turn your passion into a rewarding career? [yes/no]

🔘 Do you want to achieve your greatest ambitions quickly? [yes/no]

Chances are excellent you answered 'yes' to these questions. Because what you're really saying is you want a business that fulfills your deeper purpose long-term.

Meet your mentor

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Hi, I'm the founder of Lifestyle Profits Hub. I share strategies to help health & wellness experts earn money (& respect) like doctors from their home businesses.

I'm on a mission to empower 1 lakh people passionate about health & wellness to build their Digital Assets that give them Multiple Streams of Income (MSI) and an attractive lifestyle. And to create an army of future holistic-lifestyle coaches (who are learners & understand digital sales so they make a difference to the country’s economy like doctors)

Working as a copywriter (marketing strategist) with +50 international coaches I've realized how hard-working experts like you can gain freedom... join now

As seen on:

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Are you ready to overcome what's stopping you from living your dreams...

It's going to become $1 Trillion industry soon... put yourself in a position of power by committing to learning these little-known secrets today and register now...

Join the 90-minute webinar, listen to every single word, take copious notes, and see how others fulfilled their dreams of becoming successful health & wellness entrepreneurs. It has taken me (and my mentors) several decades to arrive at these core lessons.

It's yours for free because I'm doing an experiment...

Many coaches and start-ups want to work with me... and hosting this class means I'm financially at a loss but so be it... I'll show you the hidden concepts that will trigger your business for success

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The Framework to Freedom & Affluence: Autopilot MSIs (Multiple Streams of Income)

Step 1: Brand Clarity

Create unforgettable brand with your story & value-system, and succeed with confidence.

Step 2: Create Digital Assets

Create life-changing Digital Assets quickly and and generate multiple income streams.

Step 3: Help Clients Find You

Use the 'Free Money Funnel' strategy to turn strangers into students.

Step 4: Automate Sales

Use templates to create messages from heart and attract the right clients with automation tools.

Step 5: Community

Liberate yourself from exchanging time for money by creating an eGurukul.

Step 6: Profits without Burnout

Because your business flourishes when you're having fun, taking vacations, and feeling great.

What you need for this:

✅ Passion for health

✅ 90 mins

✅ A laptop

✅ Internet

✅ Egoless head

✅ Open mind

Why you shouldn't miss this incredible workshop

You don't waste time surfing random websites, right? Since you're here on this page, reading these words... it means this is something you were meant to see...

See how you can profit from this new health & wellness wave and create a business while it's still booming. Register to use techniques to sell digital products from your home and live with freedom - in any economy.

Before life takes over and you go back to the old routine - register while it's still free and put this on schedule... register now and let's meet LIVE...

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Bonus 1. ₹699
  • An little-known profit income model for success
  • 3 benefits of creating Digital Assets
  • How to alter perception & stand out from the crowd
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Bonus 2. ₹499
  • Read this if you’ve tried everything to boost profits
  • Ways to become irreplaceable for your clients
  • Why your personal brand is blocking your business growth
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Bonus 3. ₹499
  • Why sales manipulations doesn’t work
  • Discover the counterintuitive answer to funnels
  • How to gain unfair advantage over competition
  • AND so much more...

World's most valuable workshop for health & wellness entrepreneurs

₹17,000 FREE for today


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When is the workshop?

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28 Jan (Sun), 10:30 AM, IST

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Is this really free? What's the catch?

There’s no catch. This is absolutely free. Of course, I provide this in the hopes that you’ll realize its merit and would want my help to implement the business strategies and change your life.

You know that having accountability – having someone to check in on you can support you in many ways.

When will I get my bonuses?

Yes you’ll get everything before we wind up the workshop.

What is the language of workshop?

Hindi + English.

I’m busy during the mentioned webinar slot.

Just register now and join the next session ASAP. Before life takes over and you go back to the same old life — take control.

Can I get a recording?

Unfortunately, no. But fortunately, if you join me LIVE then I’ll tell you how you can create abundance and prosperity in your life with multiple sources of income.

So if this is on your bucket list – I highly recommend to make time for this and put this on your schedule.

How long will this session be and what all will be covered?

Join me LIVE for a 90-minute class, and get a pen and paper – if you’re serious about building a business. I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned helping other coaches succeed.

I'll share what nobody shares.

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