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Let's face the facts...

helping clients change their habits while growing your own business can be a challenge...

How can you help someone quickly who has an uncontrollable urge to eat at 6 PM or 11 PM? How to help a high-ticket client stop their mindless-eating habit who has tried every motivational trick in the book? How to assess needs of a new high-ticket client with a flawless process? How to help a client break through their limiting beliefs? How to nudge them to start moving without coming off as too pushy? How to create new strategies to grow your business?... get all your answers inside... Are you ready to deeply serve your clients and grow your business?...

Who this is for:

✅ Nutritionists/ dieticians

✅ Fitness/ yoga trainers

✅ Affiliate marketers

✅ Doctors/ Naturopaths

✅ Gym owners

✅ Mindset/ healers

✅ Supplement owners

✅ Professionals/ homemakers

Meet your mentor

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Hi, I'm the founder of Lifestyle Profits Hub. I share strategies to help health & wellness experts earn money (& respect) like doctors from their home businesses.

I'm on a mission to empower 1 lakh people passionate about health & wellness to build their Digital Assets that give them Multiple Streams of Income (MSI) and an attractive lifestyle. And to create an army of future holistic-lifestyle coaches (who are learners & understand digital sales so they make a difference to the country’s economy like doctors)

Working as a copywriter (marketing strategist) with +50 international coaches I've realized how hard-working experts like you can gain freedom... join now

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Health & Fitness Starter-Kit Coaching tools

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Here's what you're getting today:

1.Initial Health & Lifestyle Assessment
2.Comprehensive eating habits form
3.Block Binge Eating Worksheet
4.Recognize the Urge exercise
5.The Urge Jar exercise
6.Stop Overeating journal
7.The Hunger Games
8.Meal Duration worksheet
9.Emotional eating journal
10Eat slowly meal journal
11.Weight-loss & Fitness Tracker
12.Smart Progress Tracker (with Pics)
13Wheel of life exercise
14.Sphere of Control Exercise
15.4 Crazy Questions Worksheet
16.Time for high-leverage work
17.Lead Magnet Template
18.War Calender
19.Sales Tracking Sheet
BONUS: 1,121+ ChatGPT prompts to grow your business
BONUS: 50 Promotional Canva Templates

Everything available on Google drive for quick download

most valuable business kit for health & fitness coaches

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life without this starter-kit

Without these kit

❌ Try to fake it
❌ Try to motivate with quotes
❌ Confusion or no process
❌ Sadness

With these kit

✅ Full confidence in business
✅ Help clients self-reflect & improve
✅ Things under control
✅ Ready for next-level success

Why is this amazing Health & Fitness Starter-Kit @ a huge discount?

The reason is simple:

I want you to try some of my best content for less than a plate of noodles... and when you see the value... I want you to join my premium community to reach the next level of business success. That's why this is a NO-BRAINER deal...

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Chances are excellent you answered 'yes' to these questions. Because what you're really saying is you want a business where you create a deep experience for your clients... just use these tools as you change the world...


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Still unsure?

Is this really free? What's the catch?

There's no catch. This is absolutely free. Of course, I provide this in the hopes that you'll realize its merit and would want my further help.

How long are these mini-courses and what all will be covered?

These are short, punchy, to-the-point courses designed to get you ready for your first high-ticket client. So get a pen and paper - if you're serious about building a profitable lifestyle business.

Nobody shares these things.

What is the language of the courses?


Do I get any certificate to complete the courses?


Please be advised that the content shown on this page is not intended to serve as a guarantee. In fact, as stipulated by law, even otherwise also I can not and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with my ideas, information, tools or strategies. I don’t know you, or the environment you work in, and, besides, your results are up to you. Agreed? I just want to help you by giving great content, direction, and strategies that worked well for me and my mentor and his students. All of the terms, privacy policies, and disclaimers for this program and website can be accessed on this page. We feel transparency is important and we hold ourselves and you to a high standard of integrity. Thanks for stopping by. We hope this training and content brings you a lot of value.

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