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Hi I’m Mohinish – call me Mike, I’m on a mission to ignite the world to become wealthy again

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The Health & Wellness Coach’s Roadmap

Discover Your Current Stage & Move to the Next


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Entrepreneurial Spirit has been awakened within you. You feel you’re called to have your own business, charge what you are really worth, and become your own boss. You have a deep interest in health and wellness topics – maybe you’re a professional or have a few certifications under your belt, or been through a transformation! This free mini-course will get you clients

Niche clarity

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You are serious about your business, it’s no more a hobby. Now you’re actively looking for a niche that deeply resonates with you and your story so you can monetize your knowledge. And create digital products & your eGurukul and sell them to people who value your wisdom & time. Silver membership comes to the rescue


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Create eGurukul that makes it the client’s idea to invest money into your products and change their life – without you working too hard for it. It’s a messy middle and most people give up during this Samudra-Manthan phase before they even get to see the desired treasures. Trusting yourself & your mentor is key. Join our Manthan


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If you’re working too hard – you’re doing it wrong. It’s ‘Think & Grow Rich’ remember. You’re adapting quickly – working on organic and/or inorganic ways of growth. You are building a reputation in the space. You trust the system and you are on your way to owning a 10 lac, 30 lacs, 50 lacs, or a 1CR business. Your journey has started… get your 1CR gameplan

Meet your mentor

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Hi, I’m the founder of Lifestyle Profits Hub. I share strategies to help health & wellness experts earn money (& respect) like doctors from their home businesses.

I’m on a mission to empower 1 lakh people passionate about health & wellness to build their Digital Assets that give them Multiple Streams of Income (MSI) and an attractive lifestyle. And to create an army of future holistic-lifestyle coaches (who are learners & understand digital sales so they make a difference to the country’s economy like doctors)

Working as a copywriter (marketing strategist) with +50 international coaches I’ve realized how hard-working experts like you can gain freedom… join now

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Win your First Whale Client… 3-day course

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Day 1: Quiz that makes your offer premium

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Day 3: Launch your branded website & boost trust

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I am a master of my destiny

I claim more money as a divine tool

I build my health & wealth empire every day

I serve to create a better world

I’m worthy of unconditional love & respect