Learn 14 amazing copywriting tips from Apple

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Why should you pay attention to Apple’s marketing? And how can you use their marketing to improve your own sales?

Simply because the legendary business coach Bill Campbell served as VP of sales and marketing at Apple. He influenced Apple’s marketing which allows me to understand how his mind worked. When I see their ads and copy — especially the old ones — I feel recharged.

So we are learning from a trillion-dollar company and a trillion-dollar coach.

Plus, Apple has premium products and they sell them effectively. When Apple first came out, critics said it was too expensive. But Apple shut everyone’s mouth to become a trillion-dollar company. Even Warren Buffett is an investor now.

NOTE: Bring out your pen and notebook to effectively learn and use these amazing trillion-dollar marketing and copywriting tips. Take notes and do the exercises to boost your marketing impact.

It’s okay to be “highly controversial”.

That’s what Apple did back in 1984. They didn’t have the product but ran ads (against the law).

They hired the best film director and created 1984. Steve Jobs and Bill Campbell loved it but the board of directors hated it and called it “highly controversial”.

Put yourself in their situation: would you want to follow the rules? Or follow something you ABSOLUTELY believe in? Turns out, when the final decision came down to Bill he said, “F*** it. Let’s run it.”

Needless to add, the next day everyone in the media was talking about this upcoming Apple thing. The lesson is, it’s okay to be controversial. You’re not there to please anyone. Suck it up to the fact that some of your opinions are not aligned with the “pop culture”.

ACTION TIP: If you had a ‘magic wand’ what controversial ad would you run for your products or services? Write in comments.

Have something big bold ballsy to say…

Or don’t say anything at all.

When Steve Jobs introduced iPhone in 2007 his slogans were, “Apple reinvents the phone.” And “This is only the beginning.” And that “big bold ballsy” trend continues.

Here are some recent bold statements:

apple thin min

“Clearly tougher than any smartphone glass.”
“A14 Bionic is the fastest chip in a smartphone…” (seems like out of a sci-fi movie).
“First camera ever to record in Dolby Vision”

ACTION TIP: What would you like your business and your marketing to be like? Tell me about your boldest vision in the comment box below.

What will your clients get? What will they own?

Make the biggest claim, the best claim. See this in action.

apple studio min

When you own an iPhone… you GET a film studio. Now everyone knows that mobile phone doesn’t hold a candle to a quality camera — forget about film cameras. But it’s about how your clients FEEL.

And who doesn’t want to look like a million dollars?

ACTION TIP: What do your clients get to own? What identity or changes do they create for themselves when they try your incredible product? Try the biggest claim.

Now pay attention here…

Intrigue with your “process”

Usually, processes are the most boring part of any sales. Most people treat it like a User Manual – but not Apple.

Who cares about ceramic?

apple process min

iPhone’s “shield”
When you click “Find out how” you’ll be treated with the fact that the iPhone’s glass is created out of a thing that wasn’t transparent! And with this, you’ve pinched their minds to pay attention. This is what I call “mental-mosquito-bites”.

These details show you have taken a lot of care and people will believe this commands premium.

ACTION TIP: Take a look at your processes. Brainstorm what amazing fact can you share about it or use a metaphor to bring it to life.

Use numbers – gain credibility

apple trillion min

Anyhow, make sure you do it right. Sharing stastics like a news anchor makes you a news anchor. Good for information but not good for Internet profits. For example, when somebody quotes: “11 million people lose their jobs because of their bosses.” It may make Reena – who is frustrated with her job feel like she’s just a number for you.

So share numbers with empathy.

Use “that means” technique

The new iPhone box is smaller and hence it “eliminates over 2 million metric tons of carbon emissions annually”.

So what does that mean for the reader?

It means “450,000 fewer cars on the road per year”.

They might have added, “that’s almost a tenth of the cars in NYC.” But that doesn’t sound impressive. Right? It isn’t going to save the world. But “450,000 fewer cars” is impressive.

ACTION TIP: Go through your website or landing page and add what “THAT means…” as much as you can and explain what it means to them.

Offer candy to the mind with contrast

What’s a contrast? Black-white is a contrast. Opposing things are a contrast. I stole this from their website:

  • Big news. Mini news.
  • Even the little things are a big deal.
  • We reduced our carbon footprint. By thinking inside the box.
  • A new day for night mode.

You can create contrast with the ideas.

Use power words to make your website exciting

Words were originally magic, and the word retains much of their old magical power even to-day.

Sigmund Freud

Power words have a story of their own. They can make listeners’ hearts race faster. For example, you can describe an ice-cream as “okay” (a completely different meaning). Or you can call it “delicious and chocolaty and seductive”… and you can almost feel something.

If Apple is using these power words you have my permission to blatantly use them everywhere:

  • New
  • Super
  • Fastest
  • Blast
  • Mini but mighty
  • Fresh
  • Incredible
  • Dramatic
  • Vibrant
  • Magic
  • Amazing
  • Zap

Want more? Here is a list of 500 Power words at the click of a button so you never fail to get attention.

Address the elephant in the room

white space.JPG min

Solve the biggest problem first. Why iPhone 12 had the slogan “Blast past fast”? Why this? And not, “get a new phone.”

Because 5G was just getting started. So if you were looking for a good phone you would want to have a 5G-ready phone. Right? Having the fastest future-ready phone is power in your hands. It’s the reason why people want bigger vehicles.

ACTION TIP: Take a re-look at your sales page and product page — are your web assets addressing the biggest drive of the biggest buyer?

Create an aura of art and obsession.

Steve Jobs was a crazy man. He was an icon. You can’t forget what he said here:

“When you’re a carpenter making a beautiful chest of drawers, you’re not going to use a piece of plywood on the back, even though it faces the wall and nobody will ever see it. You’ll know it’s there, so you’re going to use a beautiful piece of wood on the back. For you to sleep well at night, the aesthetic, the quality, has to be carried all the way through.”

Steve Jobs

People buy from people. No matter what you’re selling — show your passion for the thing. How to do it? One of the ways is to create content. Yes, initially everyone sucks — but things soon get better. The Internet is a beautiful tool.

ACTION TIP: Brainstorm at least 3 small things or facts about your product or service which can project your passion. And create a short video about it.

Use legends and inspire the audience to reach for the sky

What’s common between Pablo Picasso, Mahatma Gandhi, and Albert Einstein?

einstein apple min

Now there can be many things but I’m pretty sure computers aren’t one of them. Then what are they doing on one of the best ads Apple had (Think Different)?

Apple — Steve Jobs — wanted people to connect legends with their brand and to use their products to become their best selves.

Here’s the copy for Mac:

  • The best for the brightest.
  • Boundaries are meant to be pushed.
  • A big, beautiful workspace. For doing big, beautiful work.
  • Designed for those who defy limits and change the world.

This is an amazing amount of power to carry around

ACTION TIP: Who or what inspires you? Talk about them.

Break the price down to daily or weekly investment

How do you break the cost down? It feels so affordable.

broken into months min

Tell them how they rub shoulders with the giants

nasa apple min

The moment you realize you’re going to use a technology developed by NASA you can’t help but feel gooooood. Do you think you can’t use this in your business? Look at this article again with fresh eyes. Did you notice how I’m using Apple or Steve Jobs for my business?

Think about this: How are you going to use today and share in the comments…

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